Clean Attic Specialty Insulation & Cleanup can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home with our insulation improvements in Anaheim, California and the surrounding area.
As a full service insulation contractor, Clean Attic Specialty Insulation & Cleanup provides professional home insulation services to improve insulation in areas such as walls, crawl spaces, basements and garages in Anaheim, California and the surrounding areas.

Our quality insulation products include:

• Foam Insulation is available in large panels of varying thicknesses. Foam Insulation is highly recommended for use in basements and crawl space walls because of its ability to repel moisture and resist mold.
• Cellulose Insulation is made primarily from recycled newspaper treated to risk combustion, insects and mold. The Cellulose application is typically blown into attics, wall and floor cavities.
• Injection Foam is specifically formulated for insulating wall cavities and cathedral ceilings or any other enclosed spaces. Injection foam has excellent fill capabilities and can be used where there is no insulation at all, or where existing insulation isn’t performing to the correct standards.
• Spray Polyurethane Foam is a two-part, closed-cell spray foam that has many different uses. When applied, it expands to seal any air leaks while also creating a very effective thermal barrier. It is often used in the attic and basement area.

Insulation services in Anaheim, California and surrounding areas include:
Attic Insulation | Garage Insulation | Crawl Space Insulation | Basement Insulation | Wall Insulation | Air Sealing.

Expert Attic Insulation Contractor for Anaheim, California Home and Business Owners
The experienced technicians at Clean Attic Specialty Insulation and Cleanup provide customized insulation solutions for home and business owners in the California area. Our comprehensive service includes inspecting your homes design and features and attic use to determine the attic insulation options including:
• Blow-in insulation using cellulose or fiberglass
• Insulated catwalks or storage platforms where when all you need is limited access to the attic.
• Insulation upgrades including rigid foam insulation
• Spray foam attic insulation

Expert Crawl Space Insulation for Anaheim, California Home & Business Owners

Crawl spaces can be difficult to deal with, especially those with dirt floors or moisture problems which can be especially wet during the summer and cold during the winter. At Clean Attic Specialty Insulation we have a solution! Foundation wall and floor insulation can solve all of your moisture issues. Without crawl space air-sealing and insulation your energy bills will be higher and you will experience unnecessary temperature fluctuations within your home. At Clean Attic Specialty Insulation and Cleanup our skilled technicians recommend installing Rigid Foam Insulation, the benefits of Rigid Foam Insulation include:
Stability and Reliability – unlike other types of insulation, rigid foam doesn’t compress, which means it’s a once only improvement that is cost effective and reliable.
Effective air sealing – rigid foam stops energy wasting air leaks, which will save your hard earned dollars.
Moisture resistant – Rigid foam doesn’t absorb moisture so it can’t be damaged by it.
Mold resistant – Rigid foam resists mold because it doesn’t contain organic food matter or absorb water.
Increased ductwork performance – The ducts located in your crawl space become more efficient at moving warm air once your home is insulated.